In conjunction with the coming Chinese New Year celebration, we are re-introducing the Fatt Choy Burger. The Fatt Choy Burger is a savoury, sweet burger with fire grilled chicken, red onions, green lettuce, tomatoes, cheddar cheese and our made-from-scratch EPiC Pineapple sauce.

The use of fresh greens symbolises a new start and greater vitality, while the pineapple or ‘Ong Lai’ in Hokkien used in our Fatt Choy Sauce represents greater prosperity and wealth. It is our wish that everyone will have a healthy, prosperous year ahead!

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pick 'n pair

The Pick 'N Pair deal offers a wide variety and choices, whether you fancy something filling or light; a burger or burrito; some salad or more carbs; just Pick 'N Pair however you like for a super value and budget-friendly RM9.80 only! 

Here’s how it works. Pick any one (1) from EFM Lite', the Chuckey! Burger or the Googie! Burrito then Pair it with a choice of your favourite EPiC sides including Spiced Baked Wedges, Honey Mustard Salad, Farmer’s Coleslaw or a selection of beverages to complete a wholesome meal!

The Pick 'N Pair deal is priced at RM9.80 and this promotion is only valid for dine-in/takeaway until 31/12/2018.

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The Googie! burrito is a classic burrito with grilled chicken, scrambled eggs, pico de gallo and sour cream wrapped in a tortilla. This wholesome and protein-packed burrito is the perfect on-the-go meal.

For a limited time only, the Googie! Burrito can be had at a price of RM9.80.

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The Chuckey! burger is a classic chicken burger featuring our unique baked fried 100% whole chicken breast fillet and freshest, made-from-scratch farmer’s coleslaw served on a perfectly toasty bun. This fresh, and deliciously wholesome burger is ideal for a convenient and fuss-free meal.

For a limited time only, the Chuckey! burger can be had at a price of RM9.80.

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Due to the wholesale transformation of the website, we are unable to port over the current existing old information. There is as such the additional inconvenience required for our customers to re-register their account on our new website. This is unavoidable and we are truly sorry for this.

Nonetheless, we are offering a free Signature Chicken for every new registration. This we hope will make up for the slight inconvenience incurred while also encouraging more new registrants to experience our new ordering experience.

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The "i AM EPiC" loyalty program is a loyalty program which guarantees rewards for our customers' continued patronage. Just order your meals as usual and collect Stars for more rewards. You'll get one Star with every order. And you'll get real rewards on your 5th and 10th orders. It cannot get simpler than this.

So register online and order your way to greater rewards now!

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