Something for everyone

EPiC Food Hall is the first and only halal-certified chain of online food halls in Malaysia.

We curate and host an exclusive list of specialty restaurants which shares our vision of serving and delivering on-demand fresh, delightful and affordable meals to our local communities.

We aim to serve and deliver a repertoire of high quality meals of various cuisines to become your trustable, daily meals provider. We offer everything from fuss-free street food Asian delights, fresh gourmet Western dishes to functional and healthy meals; so you may mix and match whatever you and your family/friends fancy in every delivery. Yes, this means you may choose meals from different restaurants within EPiC Food Hall for the same delivery order. Ordering together has become easier.

There is always Something for Everyone!


EPiC Fit Meals Co. is all about Melbourne’s cuisines, cooked and prepared with lots of care and attention every day utilising only the freshest ingredients. The restaurant sources fresh, whole ingredients daily and its crew then go about chopping, slicing and dicing throughout the day in its kitchen. Every meal is cooked upon order only. So customers will only find honest, real food in its menu. The all-new Epic Fit Meals Co. will feature a new, revamped menu with additional options for Keto and Paleo meals.


Pak Adam’s Nasi Lemak serves and delivers an amazing Nasi Lemak based on Pak Adam’s age-old recipe and his eternal love for the Nasi Lemak, drawn from his personal serendipitous, romantic affair with the dish. Pak Adam’s Nasi Lemak features green, fragrant coconut milk rice served with made-from-scratch Chili Sambal, Khai Jiao (Thai omelette), Acar Kelate, and crushed groundnuts and crispy golden fried anchovies. It is also served with Ayam Goreng Berempah or Ayam Percik for the ultimate, deeply satisfying comfort food.

the thai guys

Inspired and guided by Thai cuisines’ intricacy, attention to detail – texture, colour & taste, and the use of aromatic, complex ingredients; The Thai Guys’ signature Coconut Fried Chicken is a whole leg of chilled chicken bathed with a secret blend of 15 herbs and spices, and coconut flakes, then deep-fried until golden crispy perfection. Every piece is super-crispy and flavourful on the outside, and ultra-juicy and moist on the inside; it is chicken heaven with every bite. You can have your Thai Guys Coconut Fried Chicken with a variety of side dishes including green coconut rice, noodles or even chips. We also serve it with our famous Mama’s Tomyum – fiery and appetising soup.


Noryangjin Street in South Korea is famous for its cupbop. Cupbop is steamed rice served in a cup and it is a quintessential Korean street food. At Noryangjin Cupbop we serve a wide variety of delicious, comforting and affordable Cupbop featuring beef or chicken with our specialty sauces. Our selection of Cupbop includes the Bulgogi Beef Cupbop, Dakgalbi Chicken Cupbop, Bibimbap, as well as our Noryangjin Special Dakgalbi and Noryangjin Beef Bulgogi Cupbop. All our Cupbops are halal.

PAsta King

Pasta King has finally arrived! We are now serving and delivering our famous range of halal pasta including Salted Egg, Bolognese, Carbonara as well as Aglio Olio. Take your pick and enjoy your favourite Pasta King from the comfort of your home. At Pasta King, we cook our pasta to order with only the freshest ingredients and lots of love.


Bachelor’s Pizza Co. is more than just another pizza delivery restaurant. It serves handcrafted pizzas with all-natural, fresh whole premium meats and crunchy vegetables with 100% real cheese and our in-house made-from-scratch specialty sauces. Bachelor’s Pizza Co. is the ideal solution for singles wanting a delicious pizza delivered to their home for a quick but satisfying meal without overpaying for it.


El Burrito Co. is a Mexican-styled delivery restaurant specialising in serving and delivering burritos, wrappers and more. Inspired by the amazing mix of Mexican cuisines found on the streets of San Francisco, El Burrito Co. aspires to serve and deliver delicious and quick street-styled Mexican burritos. We love our burritos and fresh delicious food even more. We handcraft our burritos fresh to order in our kitchen everyday with only the freshest, finest ingredients. Each burrito is a meal on its own and it comes with a perfect balance of quality protein, fresh greens, rice and sauce packed into a tortilla.


Warong Panda is a Chinese ‘Sai Chow’ restaurant specialising in halal Nusantara Chinese cuisine. Warong Panda serves popular dishes originating from China – predominantly based on an eclectic repertoire of Fujian, Cantonese, Hakka and Teochew cuisines – which gradually became infused with the characteristics of their new home locale throughout the Nusantara (the Malay Archipelago). Our recipes incorporate the organising principles of Chinese cuisine and the complex flavours derived from Indian and regional herbs and spices resulting in dishes that can be sweet, sour, salty, spicy and bitter all in the same bite! As with most Nusantara meals, Warong Panda’s meal is made up of mostly rice, quality protein and fresh vegetables. Rice serves as a neutral “canvas” on which flavours were provided by proteins and vegetables to finish a wholesome, satisfying meal.


New York’s Patty & Toast serves one of America’s quintessential favourites the Patty Melts! Patty Melts are claimed by many to be the predecessor of burgers. NYPT’s patty melts is simply delicious and big on flavours from the juicy patty, special melty cheese, sweet onions to the crispy, toasty bread. It is definitely a carnivore’s dream come true.


At Homies’ Burger, we serve and deliver great burgers at a modest price. We sliced and hand-formed whole premium 100% Australian beef into pucks before pressing them onto a hot seasoned grill, and grilling it to delicious, juicy perfection. Add high grade American cheeses, our special made-from-scratch secret sauce, freshly cut green lettuce, caramelised onions and buns, and you’ve got yourself a burger that Hits the Spot with every bite! In addition to our signature Homies’ Cheese Burger we also serve some amazing chicken and fish burgers. We only use quality, premium protein, high grade cheeses, freshest greens and made-from-scratch sauces for all our burgers.