Wen Chuan comes from a family of illustrious cooks and F&B operators. He has always been passionate about food and has been cooking for his family and friends since young. He was inspired by how food can tell a story, and convey cultural ideas, as well as how it brings people together. He is a self-taught chef and his cooking is strongly influenced by Melbourne’s cuisine which melds the best from the East and West, using only the freshest local produce and letting the ingredients speak for itself.

He believes the secret to good food lies in selecting and using only fresh, whole ingredients. He also believes honest people who care and are passionate about what they do makes all the difference and better food.


why are we epic?

EPiC came about from our observation on the current state of food making in the country. Most of the food we once loved, which were crafted through hard work and lots of love, and made fresh daily, has become increasingly generic and uninspiring.

This can be explained. Nowadays, most of the food are prepared by foreigners who has little or no affinity to the meals they are preparing. And to resolve this and save costs further, most food operators turn to suppliers for their soup or sauce paste. Costs also dictate that more artificial flavour enhancers are used instead. Rising costs, difficulty in securing labour coupled with the need to ensure affordability makes this an inevitability.

We saw this as a major problem. And we want to play a part in resolving this. We thought we will go back to basic. We draw inspirations from our mum (read; hard work and lots of love) as well as Melbourne (read; fabulous, fresh ingredients). We decided to focus on the basics on food making; to start making our own sauces and chicken stocks from scratch, to use fresh ingredients only and to work harder in our kitchen. We believe these are the mainstay for any good, healthy meals. We also decided to cook everything to order and delivering on-demand. Nothing beats a freshly prepared meal.

This we thought would help our community to live well and eat better, one meal at a time.

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